Paraphrasing of C.S. Lewis: Reading the Bible and Popular Christian Books

Some years ago C.S. Lewis wrote an introduction to an English translation of Athanasius’s On the Incarnation, a very, very old book. His introduction addresses old books and modern books, and makes a strong case for having a steady diet of older books. I’ve taken some liberties with Lewis’s work to produce here an address […]

Sunday Reflection: Assurance and Faith

According to the Gospel of John, the first miracle that Jesus performed, inaugurating his three-year ministry, was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. John calls it a “sign.” A sign is a hint, an evidence of a somewhat hidden truth. What was that truth? John reveals it near the end of his […]

Working hard… like regular folk do

Pastors work a lot. According to some studies, pastors work anywhere from 50 to 60 hours a week on average. I’ve seen these statistics thrown about in a couple of ways: 1) to combat the myth that pastors only work on Sundays, and 2) to either throw a pity party for the poor, overworked pastor […]

I Love Seminary!

I love seminary. I’m a non-traditional student: I have a full-time secular job and take one class per semester, usually via the internet (curse you internet fees!). Because of my work and life situation, I can get my education while serving in my church, spending time with my family, and earning a living, all without […]

Who’s to Blame?

I’ve decided to remove my post because I believe I was careless with my words and unintentionally derided Christian homeschooling and Christian private schools. That is not my intention and I myself am quite happy with the education and influence of many Christians who homeschool, have been homeschooled, enroll their children in private Christian schools, […]

Adrian Rogers’ Flub


This is a perfect example why we should judge The Gospel Project for what it says, not for who said what: Adrian Rogers, considered one of the preeminent Southern Baptists in recent history, wrote What Every Christian Ought to Know, a book that has been used in many SBC churches to disciple new believers in the […]

Balancing Acts

We’re constantly barraged with advice to be “balanced.” Elements of Yoga and Buddhism call for an internal balance, and who can forget the yin-yang symbol depicting a flowing balance of light and dark. We’re constantly concerned about having a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, balancing our checkbook, and the balance of power in […]

Double Predestination and My Seat at the SBC Table

I just read an article from Ron Hale on SBC Today dealing with double predestination, called “John Calvin: In His Own Words.” It’s not a very focused article, moving from Calvin’s views on double predestination to an a priori assumption that this view is “monstrous,” to an affirmation of “A Statement of the Traditional Southern […]