A Baptist’s bookshelf: A new commentary on Exodus


A Baptist minister’s bookshelf is sacred. It bears the weight of centuries of thought from people of all different backgrounds and faith traditions. A Baptist minister often relies on the recommendations of others when deciding what books to add to his library. That’s why I’ve decided to do periodic book reviews of new titles I’ve […]

A Baptist’s Bookshelf: A review of a recent commentary on Jonah


A Baptist minister’s bookshelf is sacred. It has weathered and worn classics, passed down or purchased secondhand because of their timeless value to preachers he has known. It has old books that he purchased in his seminary days. It has new books based on authors’ or publishers’ reputations, a particular subject covered, or just plain […]

What online classes are really like

At the end of January I start my fifteenth class towards my M.Div at Southern Seminary. I’ve done everything from Systematic Theology, Introductions to the Old and New Testaments, Church History, Greek, and Hebrew. A few classes were considered “on campus” because, apart from the online portion, I had to travel to Louisville for a […]

You can go to seminary—online!


Because I work in an office, I usually don’t have much trouble writing the correct date after New Year’s Day. Yesterday, January 6, marked the first time I wrote 2014 and then quickly changed the 4 into a 5. Even still, it’s strange to refer to December as “last year.” But last year on December […]

Paraphrasing of C.S. Lewis: Reading the Bible and Popular Christian Books

Some years ago C.S. Lewis wrote an introduction to an English translation of Athanasius’s On the Incarnation, a very, very old book. His introduction addresses old books and modern books, and makes a strong case for having a steady diet of older books. I’ve taken some liberties with Lewis’s work to produce here an address […]

Sunday Reflection: Assurance and Faith

According to the Gospel of John, the first miracle that Jesus performed, inaugurating his three-year ministry, was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. John calls it a “sign.” A sign is a hint, an evidence of a somewhat hidden truth. What was that truth? John reveals it near the end of his […]

Working hard… like regular folk do

Pastors work a lot. According to some studies, pastors work anywhere from 50 to 60 hours a week on average. I’ve seen these statistics thrown about in a couple of ways: 1) to combat the myth that pastors only work on Sundays, and 2) to either throw a pity party for the poor, overworked pastor […]

I Love Seminary!

I love seminary. I’m a non-traditional student: I have a full-time secular job and take one class per semester, usually via the internet (curse you internet fees!). Because of my work and life situation, I can get my education while serving in my church, spending time with my family, and earning a living, all without […]