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24 July by Dave Miller

Is the Pendulum Swinging Too Far? Christians, Israel and the Middle East Conflict


I understand the angst that some feel about the love that many Christians have for Israel. I get it. We need to balance our perspective. God loves Palestinians as much as he loves Americans or Israelis. Jesus died for all. Standing with Israel does not mean that we ought to support or defend every action […]

12 July by Dave Miller

No, We Have NOT Shut Down


This is the fewest posts we’ve had at SBC Voices in a week since I took over this site about a hundred years ago. I apologize for the lack of diligence. I have been both lazy and busy. I guess I’m going through my normal post-SBC burnout phase. It tends to happen. Evidently, my crack […]

5 July by Dave Miller

Holiday Preaching – Something I’m Losing Interest In


I am finding that I am preaching fewer and fewer “holiday” sermons as the years wear on. I will preach a few Christmas-themed messages in December (it’s foundational to the gospel story of Good Friday and Easter). I preach on Good Friday and Easter on the appropriate themes (which are pretty common for me the […]

4 July by Dave Miller

King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”


If they ever did a “Best Speech Ever” contest, this and Gettysburg would be contenders.

4 July by Dave Miller

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


Here’s another speech worth listening to.

4 July by Dave Miller

The Bill of Rights


When we speak of our constitutional rights, it is often the Bill of Rights to which we refer. Have men ever devised a better set of governing guidelines (let’s leave out the OT theocracy for now!).

4 July by Dave Miller

The Preamble to the Constitution

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Today is “Great American Documents and Speeches Day”