Dave Miller

14 April by Dave Miller

Pastors and Discontent: Should It Really Be Like This?


I read an article today by Matt Boswell from Redemption Church, called, “10 Things Pastors Hate to Admit Publicly.” I had two distinctive reactions when I read the post. Wow! How did he get inside my head? No Way! It shouldn’t be this way when you are privileged to serve Jesus Christ as a leader […]

11 April by Dave Miller

Response to Dr. Nathan Finn, Part 2: Who Can Respond? (by Dr. Eric Hankins)


Dr. Eric Hankins is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Oxford, Mississippi. He is the author of the much-discussed Traditionalist Statement and was central to the Calvinism Task Force appointed by Dr. Page, which reported at the Houston Annual Meeting. Part 1 can be found here.  In my first post responding to Nathan Finn’s essay […]

10 April by Dave Miller

A Word about SBC Voices: Why Did You Post That? Why Do You Let HIM Comment?


Recently, I was reading through some of my old posts here, especially those right after I assumed the official position of Chief Mugwump of SBC Voices on September 13, 2010 (my birthday!). My philosophy and commenting policies have gone through quite a bit of (shield your ears) evolution over that time. I’ve never completely figured […]

9 April by Dave Miller

SBC Voices NCAA Tourney Challenge: Congrats to Karl Mealor


The NCAA Bracket Challenge has come and gone for another year. This year’s winner is Karl Mealor. Ben Stratton made a strong run through the “Trail of Blood” in the Final Four, but Karl would not be denied. He picked three of the four Final Four teams correctly. However, he did not see the Connecticut […]

5 April by Dave Miller

Liberty and Benny Hinn – The Dangers of Uninformed Anger


The social media world was afire this week with questions about Liberty University’s “partnership” with faith-healing huckster Benny Hinn. When I first saw the reports, I was slain in the Spirit with shock, and I think I heard ol’ Jerry spinning barrel rolls in his grave. Of course, some of the more angry “discernment” ministries […]

4 April by Dave Miller

The Bleak Future of the SBC?


Note: I published this article back in July of 2013, not long after the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Houston. I am editing this post slightly, mostly in the last section, “Solutions” by adding a few of my more recent thoughts.  At the most peaceful and drama-free SBC in recent memory, there was one […]

31 March by Dave Miller

Noah, Movies, and Christian Discernment


I grew up in a conservative church in a conservative town in Iowa and “Hellywood” was the enemy of everything righteous. Things are different now in the church. As movies have gotten more explicit, fouler, and more hostile to Christian values, Christians have enthusiastically embraced the Hollywood experience. Whatever dreck they drudge up and throw […]

26 March by Dave Miller

If We Bend too Far, We Will Break: Bemoaning the World Vision Decision


I have loved the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” since I saw it in theaters when it first came out. It is all about Tevye and his struggle to adjust to modernity. He began the movie trumpeting “Tradition!” and slowly sacrificed those traditions as the world crumbled around him. His oldest daughter wanted to marry […]

22 March by Dave Miller

Brothers, We Are Not Prognosticators


After the first round of our SBC Voices NCAA Baptist Bloggers Tournament, there has only been one thing proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. We have no business in the business of picking NCAA brackets. I had a brutal day yesterday, missing on nearly half of the games. If Baptist bloggers were the sports […]

21 March by Dave Miller

God’s Attributes In/Through Us (by Thomas Magers II)


Thomas Magers is the pastor of Tiplersville Baptist Church in Tiplersville, MS and is a student at NOBTS.            Physics is the study of the physical world. In studying the physical sciences, a student learns about the law of conservation. The law of conservation applies to many different areas. Some of the areas […]

18 March by Dave Miller

So You Think You’ve Got Game? Join the 2014 SBC Voices Billion Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge!


Okay, no, there’s no billion dollars here. Just the right to claim the title of SBC Voices’ resident basketball expert. Andy Hynes claimed the title last year and he says he is unbeatable this year (well, okay, I made that up). You are welcome to join our March Madness NCAA bracket challenge at ESPN. Your […]

18 March by Dave Miller

The Baptist Blogger’s Code: Ten Rules* for Blogging (*Well, more like guidelines than actual rules)


I don’t have time to write anything today (well, not this AM anyway) and my usually prolific team of writers are evidently busy with lesser things like ministry and family and such. So, I cruised the archives. This was originally posted on June 30. 2011. I’m doing a few small edits, but this is a […]

16 March by Dave Miller

How Am I Supposed to Feel about Fred Phelps’ Death?


Just read, as you probably have, that Fred Phelps is very near death. His family is at odds, and there is word that even Fred himself was excommunicated from his own “church” a few months ago. He is hovering on the brink of eternity and the church he founded will likely pass into the hands […]