An Idea about Sunday School Curriculum for Teens

My four kids are all grown up and gone, but we spent a lot of time at the schoolhouse before they left! As of December, they’ll have a combined 5 bachelors degrees and 3 masters degrees. (One son decided to be a professional student and got 2 bachelors and 2 masters degrees himself until he […]

Posting Guidelines

I’m in Cedar Rapids until Sunday night, doing a wedding for some close friends and hanging out with other close friends. I will, perhaps, peek in on the blog from time to time, but having time to write a post or manage anything is unlikely. Frankly, I’m blogged out anyway! So, Post-em-if-you-got-em rules apply, contributors. […]

Rosaria Butterfield – Amazing Words of Wisdom

Rosaria is an ex-Lesbian who was part of the panel today and she was probably the most compelling speaker of the panel, though the whole group was good. But she said something that startled me and make me think: Dont let your words be stronger than your relationship! What does that mean?  That “calling out” […]

Dr. Moore/ERLC

Dr. Moore started with a Johnny Cash story. Way to go! His report: We’ve been comfortable in our culture. The South was referred to as “the Southern Baptist Zion.” Baptist Christianity does not do well as a water-carrier for anyone’s culture. We are better as a jailhouse faith. John Bunyan was able to seek the […]

LifeWay Report

Thom Ranier  told us about the sale of the property and about the unification of the two publishing arms. Questions: Alan Cross: Speak to what LifeWay is doing about racial reconciliation. Three approaches. *Listen to those of other groups to learn. *Lead – to seek greater emphasis on that in all areas. *Learn – resources […]

We Made a Bad Decision

Good decisions are seldom made on the basis of distrust, suspicion, accusation, and insinuation. Yesterday, the EC brought a recommendation concerning convention voting procedures. An amendment was brought to keep the quorum provision in place. His reasoning had to do with suspicions that the powers-that-be would try to sneak through business at odd hours so […]

David Platt – IMB REPORT #SBC15

David Platt came out like a bull in a china shop, with his characteristic passion! He is rethinking and reimagining the entire mission structure of the SBC. We topped out at 5600 messengers, are moving down now toward 4200. And this year the IMB operated at a deficit of 20,800,000. This cannot continue. The problem […]