A Day to Remember

According to my in-depth research (I googled it), approximately 1,264,000 soldiers have given their “last full measure of devotion” in defense of this nation and its freedom. Memorial Day is set aside for the remembrance of their sacrifice. Whether you have family or friends who have paid that price, take a moment today to give […]


It didn’t take long after the Josh Duggar story hit the news for one of my Facebook friends put up a post chiding evangelicals for our lack of outrage about the situation. “Where is the outrage about the Duggar scandal among conservatives?” This man is a former Southern Baptist who “went out from us” and sometimes […]

IMB Policies: Breathe, Folks – This Is NOT a Cataclysm!

In another shining example of the sad state of modern Christian news reporting, “Religion News Service” issued a report that would lead one to believe that the next President of the SBC might well Benny Hinn and that David Platt will be seeking missions advice from the Kansas City Prophets as he leads the IMB. […]

In the Spirit of Ezekiel: Watchmen, not Salesmen!

I should read more books, I know it! But most of the time I have for reading goes to social media – mostly blog-posts and online articles. Several of those I read regularly are in the millennial camp. Oh, come on, let’s call them what they are – young whippersnappers! Many of the millennials show […]

“Dave Miller for President” and Other Dumb Ideas!

We should really elect a “regular guy” as president of the SBC shouldn’t we – someone who pastors a normal-sized church! For all our lives the presidents of the SBC have been luminaries and mega-church pastors – celebrities who live in different worlds than we do. They don’t really understand how we live and we […]

Why I Oppose Internet Voting in the SBC (and ALWAYS Will)

I originally wrote this article on June 21, 2010, back when Matt Svoboda was still the kingpin at this site. My views have done nothing but strengthen. Since the advent of the internet, the chorus of voices calling for regional voting sites or internet voting at home has become stronger. I am editing that old […]