A Picture of the Real Jesus (Revelation 1)

(I do a daily devotional for my church members. We are doing a “through the Bible in one year” reading, and I write some thoughts on one of the passages. I thought some of the readers here might enjoy this one today.) Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Look upon a little child; Pity my simplicity, […]

Brewton-Parker College Reaffirmed by SACS

Word is that Brewton-Parker College has been reaffirmed by SACS. They are no longer on probation.  The Brewton-Parker website likely has more details than I have now. This is wonderful news for the staff, students and supporters of Brewton-Parker. I congratulate my friend CB Scott. Hopefully this good news will sustain him when Ohio State […]

The NCAA Playoff Teams HAVE TO Be….

The Evil and Despised Alabama Crimson Crud They are arrogant, obsessed and they have a payroll higher than most NFL teams, but Bama is in. This is a fallen world and evil sometimes wins. Alabama won enough to earn a spot. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many they win as long as they lose ONE […]

Have a Happy Thanksgiving – See You Monday

Blogging plans are always a little bit loose. Something could come up – breaking news, a Baptist scandal, or something. Anything can happen. But barring some huge event, I’m not planning to hang out here at SBC Voices much over the next few days. I’ll probably stop in to check on things a time or […]

Am I Guilty for America’s Racist Past?

A few years ago I bought Family Tree Maker and a subscription to Ancestry.com. I tracked my ancestors back to Europe (I am a descendent of the Merovingian kings – you should show some respect). The Millers come from Carbon County, Pennsylvania, but I couldn’t find when they emigrated from Germany. The Pratts, my mom’s […]

From a FOOTBALL Player? Benjamin Watson on Ferguson

I saw this link and went to Benjamin Watson’s Facebook site. He is a tight end for the New Orleans Saints. I have to admit I’d not heard of him prior to this, but I think it’s about the best statement I’ve seen on the Ferguson tragedy.   At some point while I was playing […]