Living in SUX: You Prepare for What You Expect

(This is a revision of a previous post – actually one I’ve written twice – in 2013 and 2011 – every time you guys in the South get blasted by blizzards, I guess).  I have to admit that my flesh has risen up strongly as I’ve watched my southern brethren (and sistern) bemoan the terrible […]

There Is a Time and a Place…

On the day we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King in 2014, one of our contributors (Todd Benkert) wrote an article celebrating the fact that Dr. King’s birthday was “Not Just a Black Holiday” and that all of America should celebrate the work that this man did in bringing racial justice to our land. […]

Help Us Help CB and Karen Scott *Update/Distribution of Funds

Addendum: As announced in a post on 2/18, CB has been fully reinstated at Brewton Parker without loss of pay or benefits. We are rejoicing at this blessing. Because we love and respect CB and Karen, and not knowing that this reinstatement would happen, we set up a fund to help him with living expenses […]

I Can Only Imagine

This is for the people of Southern Hills. This is my sermon today. Since most of you had the good sense to stay home,  I decided not to start my new series. Next week, Lord willing and weather permitting, we’ll get into Colossians 3:1-17. but today I went back and pulled out this from long […]

Sad Revelations at Brewton Parker

Just 10 days ago, on January 20, we published the news, based on the BPC press release, that Ergun Caner had stepped down as president of Brewton-Parker College in Georgia so that he could heal as a result of the tragedy that had befallen his family. In that article, we asked people to pray for the Caner […]

So, You Want to Change the SBC?

There are a lot of people who are very upset about the direction of the SBC – different people have different complaints and we’ve all got some, I’m sure. I just had a long twitter exchange with a man who asked the question why LifeWay was still selling a book after there was resolution passed […]