The Last Happy Day

I bought some shorts last October off the clearance rack in Kohl’s. Pretty standard things: plaid-printed shorts with too many pockets.  They were the sort of clothing you’d see in a Sunday circular, modeled by semi-muscular white men surrounded by strategically-placed men of varied ethnic origin.  I suppose a certain obligation existed for me to […]

Ezekiel’s Watchman: Did I Blow the Trumpet?

Suppose I say to the wicked: ‘Wicked people, you will surely die,’ but you don’t speak to warn the wicked to stop doing evil. Then they will die because they were sinners, but I will punish you for their deaths. Ezekiel 33:8 This summer marks the end of our time as church planters in South […]

Pornography, Cerebral Plasticity, and Transformation

“Pornography satisfies every one of the prerequisites for neuroplastic change…” psychiatrist Norman Doidge, in The Brain That Changes Itself (2006) I’ve got this buddy, a counselor for a Christian organization.  I got him really caffeinated one day – enough espressos will befuddle anyone save Juan Valdez – and starting prying.  “Longest shower you ever took after […]

Shoveling Dung – Spiritually Speaking

Paul spends much of the early part of Philippians chapter three detailing the externals that will never lead us to salvation.  He then calls attention to his own earthly, cultural, fleshly qualifications for holiness and salvation: circumcised in accordance with the Law; born of the tribe of Benjamin (the tribe of the first king of […]

Dear Husband: You Don’t Love Me

In the voice of Everywoman…  Dear husband: I love you.  You know that, right?  I think I’ve always made it clear. I respect you, too. I know what the Word has to say on the subject, and I gladly comply.  You’re the greatest man I’ve ever known; human in every way and yet utterly godly. […]

The Next IMB President

After roughly three years on the job, IMB President Tom Elliff has informed the proper folks to begin considering his replacement. As I wrote shortly after the IMB approved him as the organization’s 11th president, I’ve always believed Elliff came along as the right man at the right time.   He wasn’t “God’s man” for […]

Storying, Orality, and the Bible

I’ve already introduced the concept of orality in an earlier post.  You can read that here.  The article contains links to other sites that can add to the picture. A frequently-occuring objection to the use of storying in evangelism, discipleship and teaching assumes that stories fit children’s spiritual needs, while exegesis and exposition necessarily satiate […]

The Character of God in Five Stories

Many people groups around the world are what ethnologists term oral learners.  As the Orality Strategies website defines orality… “‘Orality’ refers to reliance upon the spoken, rather than written, word for communication.Orality is an ancient phenomenon that continues to the present. Before writing was developed, cultures passed along their cultural traditions, including their history, identity, […]