Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Over the last month, some of you have asked about my editorial policy for SBC Voices. So, I want to give everyone a snapshot of what I’m thinking. It many not clear up the confusion, but it should give you some idea of what to expect.

What Is Our Editorial Perspective?

First, let me state plainly that I want this blog to encourage discussion and even disagreement. My intent is to be as open as possible when including voices from Southern Baptist life. Of course I will take any actions needed to preserve the integrity of the site. But in general this blog is about what people are saying, not what I wish they were saying.

This makes us very different from some of the other team blogs.

  • SBC Impact wants to encourage Southern Baptists through dialogue and networking.
  • SBC Today is “Restoring Unity through Biblical Discipleship and Baptist Identity”
  • Baptist 21 wants to “contend for the faith” while honoring SBC heritage and promoting effectiveness.
  • SBC Witness is “Encouraging Southern Baptist Cooperation and Faithfulness”
  • Tom In The Box wants to offer a little constructive satire.

I’ve talked with several of these bloggers and support their work, but our aim is a little lower. SBC Vocies is just a mouthpiece. We want to hear what’s being said and join the conversation.

Feed Content: I list every blog that can be identified as written by a Southern Baptist (a member of a Southern Baptist affiliated church). There is some room for uncertainty, but I’m confident that our database is accurate. Please send me an email if you discover a blog that doesn’t meet this standard.

Blog Content: Our writers are free to express their opinions to whatever end they wish. The all write under their real names and are free to discuss any issues relating to Southern Baptist faith and practice. For most of them, I have no idea where they stand on disputed issues. However, I do trust them to write thoughtful and honest posts. This leaves room for discussion, even among our blog authors.

Baptist Buzz: You can read the recipe for Baptist Buzz, but I try to spread the links around, even to posts that I don’t endorse. The aim is to fairly represent what Southern Baptists are talking about online.

Comment Content: I believe in restraint when moderating comments, and primary screen out spam. I have no qualms about deleting comments or editing them. But in general I let people talk things out.

What do you think?

Please leave a comment and offer any advice you have. Being “fair and balanced” is harder than it looks. In the long run, it just means we’ll make everyone equally mad. But hopefully the important conversations will move forward in the messy process.


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    As you know, I love what you’re doing with the site. Based on this post, it seems that you may have experienced some of the same of what Geoff and I have in running a site with multiple authors and a decent sized readership (that’s sbcIMPACT, in case anyone is not familiar with which one I’m associated with).

    My advice?

    You can’t make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. Just hang in there and stay the course… even if it does make a few people equally mad.

    Because you’re on the right track.

    John Stickleys last blog post..Unknowns…

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    The key is in your last paragraph:
    “But hopefully the important conversations will move forward in the messy process.”
    There are many conversations going on, many voices talking: the key is to focus on important issues. If you do this, showing varying perspectives on key issues, then you have a worthwhile blog. If you give voice to all voices, then each voice loses its potency.