Fat Pastor, Fit Pastor Final Weigh-In

My two weeks on vacation have been great. Lord willing, we are home by supper time tonight.

But one thing is for sure, it ruined any chance I had of bragging about the success of my weight loss efforts. Christmas…Vacation…eating out…FAIL.

I’m wondering how the rest of you made out.  Any great success stories? How did you do it?

Why do you think we can’t lose weight, though we know we should?

Let’s talk about it.


  1. says

    My total weight loss is at 12 pounds. One thing that I started to do is take 1 tsp of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar in a bottle of water everyday. There are all sorts if health advantages with vinegar. Bragg’s is the best as it is all natural and it has the mother of the Apple. I then drank a ton of water (my weight ? 2 = how many ounces I’m required to drink).

  2. Doug Hibbard says


    That’s all.

    Goal for the year is to reduce from 240 to 200, so there, it’s public. But on this, I made out like Bama…one little miss a few months ago followed by an epic collapse.

  3. jeremy parks says

    My goal was to lose 10% of my weight. I think I maxed at 6.5. It isn’t what I wanted, but I’m making progress.

  4. says

    I lost 23 lbs. But, I’ve fluctuated over Christmas break. I’ve gained a couple back. I’ve been eating yogurt for breakfast, an apple and peanuts or almonds for lunch, and whatever I want for supper. I stay away from soda pop. I’ve been drinking coffee, water, unsweet tea, and milk. I’ve tried to keep my calories around 1600 per day. Also, I’ve been using a 40 lb weight vest to exercise with and “the perfect push-up” around 3 times per week for 45 minutes. I’m at about 195 lbs (the smallest I’ve been in 10 years). I need to lose another 15 lbs. to get to around 180 lbs. I love french fries and fried chicken though; they’re wonderful!

    Everyone on my mother’s side has diabetes. None of my sisters or I have it yet. I’m headed that way though if I don’t get to and maintain a healthy-weight.

  5. says

    I lost 10 or so pounds at the beginning of this but then got an ongoing sinus infection in August-September that lasted till December. I went through several rounds of antibiotics and it just kept coming back. Very frustrating. I actually gained weight back and got to my heaviest that I’ve been by Christmas Day. Very sad.

    Since then, I have changed everything and am really getting serious about it eating only lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat bread from time to time. I’m down 12 lbs. since Christmas and am trying to get back to my goal of getting down below 200. I turn 40 in July and would love to be under 200 by then. I can do it if I stick with this. So, I am not quitting. I just got sidetracked – no excuse though.

    • Doug Hibbard says

      Alan, my brother in Christ,

      I found your ten pounds.

      I am keeping them under my shirt for safety.

  6. David Gallimore says

    I am getting in late on the conversation, but with all the family dinners, work dinners, and such, I didn’t stick to my regular eating habits at all for the month of December. So I went from 208 to 218 over the month. I jumped right back on the bandwagon on the 30th of Dec. and as of today I was back down to 212.
    Although I have enjoyed a moderate amount of success, it has been a struggle. It seems it doesn’t take much for me to put on weight. In just four short weeks I put on 10 lbs which will take me about six weeks to get back to where I was. :-(
    Eating healthy is not a particularly easy thing to do in our American culture. Of course here just like in most other parts of the world, much of our times of social interaction involve eating..most of the choices=not good for you.
    If I could offer any advice (which isn’t worth much)
    1. Pray about it. If you find your weight issue on your conscience constantly, there’s a reason. Be persistent in asking God to help you in your struggle.
    2. Plan your meals. Most of our diets go south from lack of proper planing what we are going to eat each day. Make yourself a weekly menu if you need to.
    3. Quit the sodas…..all of them, diet included.
    4. Avoid the fast food establishments like the plague. I confess, I do go to Subway, but, even there I try to make the right decisions (ie. no high fat dressings, no cheese, only low fat meats..you get the idea)
    5. Exercise. You don’t have to go all out and train for a triathlon, but if nothing else, just take a short walk down the street a few times a week. Some is better than none and you will find it will make your energy better and aid in eating better.

    Well that’s just a few things that have helped me. I wish you guys who are still struggling for your goal the best. Lord willing, I am going to run my first 5k the first weekend in May. Say a prayer for me! LOL

  7. David Gallimore says

    Oh, I forgot to post my total loss.

    I started September 4th at 246.
    This morning 212 for a total of 34 lbs .
    I have went from a size 40 in pants to a 34.