How to Eat Sheep

I am grieved when I watch these preachers on tv who take advantage of people who are searching for help. Jesus called them sheep without a shepherd. May have looked like this.

There was once a small flock of sheep who decided they needed a shepherd.  They began to look for a shepherd and in the search they met one they all liked.  He was big and strong and seemed to have everything they wanted.  He seemed like he knew a lot about helping sheep and seemed to care for their well being a great deal.  They decided to make this shepherd their care taker.  Things were going great, the flock was well fed and taken care of, and it grew in size.  The flock seemed healthy, they were happy with things.  Occasionally a sheep would go missing, but there were always new sheep to take their place, so things were ok.  The sheep didn’t ask too many questions, they were just happy with how things were.

One day, a sheep had some concerns.  He had seen the shepherd with a sheep that suddenly when missing.  He also noticed some sheep got better grass than others. The shepherd seemed more concerned with the sheep who could produce the most wool. There seemed to be some sheep who were left out, even isolated.  They couldn’t do as much or give enough. Sometimes the sheep who came in seemed a little strange, they looked like sheep, but they didn’t act like sheep.  They seemed wolf like. The inquisitive sheep decided to talk to the shepherd.

The little sheep found a moment when the shepherd was alone and came to talk about his concerns.  The shepherd listened and encouraged the sheep to come talk to him another time, when they could sit down.  He was busy planning a trip for better grass and cool water for the flock.  The little sheep agreed to come back later that day.

Around dusk, the little sheep walked into the rocky place where the shepherd would meet with sheep.  It was isolated and it made the little sheep a little nervous.  He approached the shepherd who had a strange look in his eye.  Suddenly some other sheep appeared.  He recognized them as the sheep who didn’t seem quite right.  Slowly the sheep began to shed their clothing, revealing themselves to be wolves.  The little sheep was panicked and looked to his shepherd for help, but could now see under the shepherd appearance was in fact the largest wold he had ever seen.  There was no where to run for the little sheep, he now understood why sheep disappeared.

Unfortunately, no one recognized the wolf until they became his dinner.  The little sheep learned too late.

Oh be careful little lamb who you trust
Oh be careful little lamb who you trust
For the wolf, he wants a meal
And to get it he will steal
so be careful little lamb who you trust.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
Matthew 7:15


  1. Dale Pugh says

    And then there’s the parable of the faithful shepherd who gets eaten by the sheep. Another interesting story.

  2. says

    What truly grieves me is that this post makes a valid point. However Dale also makes a valid point. We see shepherds eating sheep and sheep eating shepherds. In the Book of Acts we are told that the early church was in ONE ACCORD. Now we have so much of this. Not an answer just a lament. Precious Lord give us a sense of unity in our mission.

    • Christiane says

      The early Christians greeted each other formally in terms of Christ’s peace, hence their communal serenity was an acknowledgement of their Lord and a part of their witness of Him to the watching world.

  3. Christiane says

    from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel 34,
    Christ’s coming in the role of the ‘Good Shepherd’ was foretold:

    ‘I Myself will tend My sheep and have them lie down . . . .
    I will search for the lost and bring back the strays.
    I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak . . . ‘

  4. Bob Pederson says

    What a chilling tale Dan! We now find ourselves in a church culture where wolves and false prophets not only go undetected and unchallenged, but they are even admired and followed by millions while local pastors stand by and watch in silence. I would offer that our best defense is good watchmen who know how to rightly divide the word so that they will be able to spot these men among their flocks before they begin devouring people. Men who cling to a simple dependence on the Holy Spirit and the Bible to cause the body to grow instead of the latest fad CGM’s and pastor/rock stars. Men who will call heresy heresy, instead of worrying that confronting false teaching might cause division of some superficial unity? I have grown increasingly distrustful of everything and everyone popular because it seems that to speak out for the truth of these matters is to go increasingly against the evangelical current, which is carrying the church further and further into obscurity and ineffectiveness. How many more sheep need to be devoured? When will we start to learn? We are told how to watch for wolves, but we are too busy trying to be relevant to do so.