Pray for the Caners. JUST Pray!

Word has begun to leak out about the tragedy that has come upon the Ergun Caner family. Braxton Caner, the 15 year-old son of Ergun Caner, has committed suicide, according to reports that have become public.

I know from experience the devastation that suicide brings in families, though the loss of a child must multiply that grief in ways I can’t imagine. I held off saying anything until the news was leaked by other sources. Now that it has been made public, let me express my sympathy to Dr. Caner, his family, and the entire Brewton Parker College family.

It is time to pray for Dr. Caner and his family. It is time to do nothing else. Speculation does not help. Recrimination is pointless; using this tragedy for any agenda is despicable.

When something like this happens, God’s people pray. We express to the Caner family our deepest sympathies.

And we do nothing else.