Poll: Who do you support for SBC President?

With the convention only weeks away, I thought it would be fun to see who the you support for president of the convention. Take the poll below.


FYI: The poll tracks IP addresses to prevent multiple votes. So, the above numbers represent unique internet connection points. I’ll share more data after the polls is closed, but these are accurate numbers.

For more information on the nominees, visit SBC Today.

Some preemptive analysis: This poll will be skewed toward readers of SBC Voices. That includes bloggers themselves and those who want to track what Southern Baptist bloggers are saying.

Update: I’ve found two other SBC presidential polls going at the same time. Check them out and vote their as well. When the results are all calculated, I’ll take a closer look at how the results are varied. John Killian had a similar poll (see results here) and the Southern Baptists in TN have one in their right sidebar.

Update #2: I’ve had to tighten security already on the poll and limit voting to 1x per IP address. I’m sorry to do this, but I don’t want to spend all weekend editing out the super motivated voters. So, if you need to vote twice (because there are more than one Southern Baptists using your computer) then email me directly and I can add your vote manually. TonyKummer@gmail.com

Update #3: John Killian has started a new poll on his blog, go there and vote again.

What do you think?
Can this just-for-fun poll tell us anything serious about the SBC presidential election? Leave a comment below and we’ll talk it over.


  1. says

    The poll may not be a predictor of how the vote will go in Indy, but may give some insight into the readership of each of the particular blogs that host a poll.

    For my money, we have several good candidates for President and a few great ones. I know who I am voting for, but I don’t see myself leaving the Convention disappointed about who is representing us and, more importantly, making committee appointments.

    See you in Indy!
    — Todd

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  2. Lucas Defalco says

    In (not-so-many) years gone by, someone like Johnny Hunt would have been a shoe-in, and perhaps unopposed. My, how things have changed! This ballot almost resembles the ballot during the early Democratic Party last year when during the debates we had almost as many people ON the stage as OFF.

  3. says

    Good point, things may have opened up some. I still think Johnny Hunt is stronger in Indiana that people realize. He recently did an evangelism conference sponsored by our state convention and I think evangelistic zeal will play big this year with the concern over SBC decline.

  4. says

    “I still think Johnny Hunt is stronger in Indiana that people realize.”

    If he can do well in Iowa, I think he has a chance as the campaign heats up.


    Actually, that raises a question in my mind of strategy. Let’s say you have a candidate you want to roll out for president, do you wait until the convention is in a geographically friendly place?

    If so, I’m waiting until the SBC annual meeting is in College Station before I accept a nomination.

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  5. says

    FYI: The big move by Wagner overnight is legitimate. I checked the logs and those are all real votes.

    Many of them are coming from international locations. So, maybe they won’t affect Indy next month. But, it’s interesting to see he has strong support overseas.

  6. says

    I wonder what the margin of error would be on a poll like this, considering that less than 5% of the churches in the SBC will even have messengers in Indianapolis. I haven’t seen a prediction of the potential turnout, but a big group of people from one or two state conventions could make a big difference.

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  7. says

    I would say the margin of error for this poll is ZERO. :-) The question should be what exactly are we measuring. All I can say about these numbers is that “people visiting the website SBCvoices on these dates said this.”

    The bad part, is this poll is getting a lot of overseas voters. That is likely missionaries supporting Wagner, but they won’t be in Indy.

    I think you are very right about state turnout at the SBC. Indiana is very loyal to the denomination program, and we have around 250 messengers at our state conventions — so the Kentucky, Tenn and etc. groups will actually be larger than the host state people.

    Thanks for the comments.
    Many students from SBTS in Louisville are coming too. So, it will be an interesting mix.

  8. says

    After reading the BP Q&A, I’ve decided to change my vote to Bill Wagner. Believe it or not, I’ve been torn between Johnny Hunt, Les Puryear, and Bill Wagner. I initially cast my vote here for Les but I have decided to cast my “real” Indy vote for Bill. Deciding factors? I am very concerned with the IMB policy and I guess that I have become a one issue SBC voter though there are many issues that I am concerned with. Willis, Cox, and Drake all support the IMB policy. Johnny Hunt did not really answer the question on the IMB tongues/baptism policy. He told us what he believes about the issues without touching THE ISSUE of whether he supports the IMB policy. I have been a little concerned about Les’ Presbyterian statements. He answered the question well to BP but I thought that all of his answers were overly short and simplistic. Bill Wagner answered each question carefully and thoughtfully. I’ll vote for Wagner.

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  9. Rodney Miller says

    I grew up in a small SBC in Illinois and I am happy to support Dr. Frank Cox. I know him to be a humble , honest, caring, and loving family man. Not to mention his tremendous leadership skills as a pastor (who has overseen his church grow from humble beginnings to a very large church presently) and his conservative SBC theology. I have no doubt He will use these same qualities to lead the SBC into a new era of cooperation and evangelistic growth. His leadership in guiding his church to give over 13% of it’s undesignated offerings to the SBC is the example we need in our leaders. Without the leaders of large churches in the SBC setting the example, we (the SBC) will struggle financially (still it is mainly small churches giving these larger percentages, and thankfully Dr. Cox’s church is an exception). I am reminded of the story in the Bible of the widow’s mite, it is not as much about how much churches give, but how sacrificially they give. However, saying all that, the quality I admire most about Dr. Cox is his willingness to minister and preach revival’s in very small churches across the South. That is a quality that tells a lot about who he is. I have always felt God would bless him richly for that. Thanks for the opportunity to share some not so well known facts. God bless all of you as you make your decisions.

  10. Candi Combs says

    Dr. Cox is ready to accept the leadership of the SBC. My family has known his for about 13 years. He has ministered and discipled to us frequently in our many trials. I’m a gal from Kentucky, now living in Kentucky. At the current time, my attendance at North Metro, Atlanta is as good as most members. Do I drive 6 hours to hear someone preach or enjoy the music? NO….but, if I want to HEAR God’s message, I know that for absolutely certain, that is the ONLY thing that will come from a service there.
    Theologically, I’m not as educated as you guys…I recently asked Dr. Cox what he plans to do when elected. Without hesitation he looked at me and said, “we’re going to tell God’s truth”.
    And that my friends, is what the world needs!

  11. Joe Wright says

    Well…I guess polls are not that accurate after all. Maybe that will prove well in September, too, for president of the US.

    Congratulations to Johnny Hunt, New SBC President!

  12. says

    I guess not!

    I know everyone was saying it, but the nomination speeches really made the case best. Everyone was applauding after the speech in favor of Hunt.

  13. Joe Wright says

    If they got to give a speech, then that explains it. Johnny Hunt has got some serious fire in his bones for God. All he had to do was share his passion and love for God…as well as for the Great Commission. I know he has made a huge difference in my life and I pray that God will use him mightily.