SBC Blog Madness 2009: Selection Committee

The selection process is complete and the tournament has started. Go to SBC Blog Madness Round #1.

It was the most fun the SBC Blogosphere has ever had. So, I’m bringing back SBC Voices Blog Madness for 2009. It’s a bracket style tournament where you get to vote for the top blogs in the SBC blogosphere.

This year, the selection committee wants your help. So take a look at the field below and leave a comment. Which blogs do you think deserve top seeding? Which blogs bubbles need to burst. You’re spirited comments will make this contest better.

The tournament will begin on Sunday 15 March 2009, tip off time TBA. That round will end roughly one week later. Like last year, the top 16 will advance to the second round.

Want more Madness? Check out last year’s round one, sweat sixteen, and final four. You can also read the inspiration for blog madness from Les Puryear (here in 2008) (here in 2007) and Said At Southern.

About The Selection Committee

Basically – it’s just me, but I want your help. I’ll make the final selections and seedings based on your comments on this post. Here’s how I came up with this list so far.

  • I began with the SBC Voices directory and then excluded any blogs (or wesbsites with RSS) that do not allow public comments.
  • Next, I picked out the blogs that I think are the most influential. I’m using “influence” in a very loose sense to mean any blog that attracts attention and starts conversations. This contest is about blog popularity, which doesn’t always line up with real life. Voters will determine the final outcome.
  • Then I worked through the rest of the 450+ blogs by SBCers. I was looking for any that deserved a shot at the big dance. I paid close attention to Google Page Rank, recent posting volume, and number of comments.
  • The feild must be cut to 64 blogs – so 30 of the following won’t make it.
  • Final selection and seeding will be influenced by your comments. So this is your chance to speak up ahead of the voting. Share your thoughtgs below.

Contending For #1 – #4 Seeding (In Draft Order)

  2. The LPM Blog – Beth Moore
  4. Grace and Truth to You – Wade Burleson
  5. Founders Ministries – Tom Ascol
  6. sbc IMPACT!
  7. SBC Today
  8. Reformissionary – Steve McCoy
  9. SBC Tomorrow – Peter Lumpkins
  10. Kingdom People – Trevin Wax
  11. Denny Burk
  12. B21 // contending for the faith

Leading Contenders (In No Certain Order)

  2. Joining God in His Work – Les Puryear
  3. Evangelical Village – Matt Svoboda
  4. Moore to the Point – Russell Moore
  5. Praisegod Barebones – Bart Barber
  6. Provocations & Pantings – Timmy Brister
  7. SBC Voices – blog content not “aggregator”
  8. Tim C. Guthrie. – SBCtoday.blogspot
  9. Tominthebox News Network – Religious Humor/Satire
  10. A Man from Issachar – Eric Redmond
  12. Christ and Pop Culture – Richard Clark
  13. Church Matters: The 9Marks Blog
  14. Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee
  15. Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor – Chuck Warnock
  16. Culturality & Missiology – David Sills
  17. Oversight of Souls – Ray Van Neste
  18. TruePravda – Jared Bridges
  19. 12 Witnesses – Art Rogers
  20. Delivered By Grace – Rev. Josh Buice
  21. DownshoreDrift – Alan Cross
  22. Dr Jim West
  23. EdYoungBlog
  24. hottubreligion – Bill Pooreie:missional – Marty Duren
  25. Jesus Shaped Spirituality
  26. Joe Thorn
  28. Ministry of Reconciliation – Debbie Kaufman
  29. SelahV Today
  30. Spiritual Samurai – David Montoya
  31. subtext – Joe Thorn & Steve McCoy
  32. SEMPER REFORMANDA – Gunny Hartman
  33. The Assembling of the Church – Alan Knox
  34. The M Blog – GUY MUSE
  35. Tim Ellsworth

The SBC Blog Bubble (In No Certain Order)

  1. Confessions of a Pastor by Hershael York
  2. EAGLES’ REST – Bob Cleveland
  3. Exploring Theology – Tom Shelton
  4. Fox’s Wanderings – Mike Fox
  5. Paul Burleson
  6. Bible Driven Life – B. Spencer Haygood Jr.
  7. Biblical Church Growth – Chuck Lawless
  8. Acts.5.29 – Bobby Gilstrap
  9. Boyce College Diablogue
  10. Diary of a Seminary Student – Terry Delaney
  11. owen strachan
  12. – Tony Kummer
  14. 2 Worlds Collide – James Galyon
  15. aintsobad – Rick Davis
  16. Almanac of Captivity – Danny Slavich
  17. Archangel’s Blog
  18. Barabbas – Blake White
  19. Borrowed Light – Mike Leake
  20. Bro. Matt’s Blog – Matthew Perry
  21. Call To Die – Andrew Lindsey
  22. chadwickivester
  23. Christian In College – Justin Grice
  24. CROSS-eyed – Justin Childers
  26. Deep in the Heart…
  27. elect Exiles – Drew Dixon
  28. Faith and Facts – Dr. Bruce L. Baker
  29. FIDE-O – Jason Robertson
  30. For His Renown – Jim Hamilton
  31. God. Real. Right. – Barry Creamer
  32. Illumination — MCTS Blog
  33. kata Drew – Drew Maust
  34. Lawn Gospel – Hank Balch
  35. Locust Grove Baptist Church – Kelly Bridenstine
  36. Locusts and Wild Honey – Don Elbourne
  37. Merk DeVine
  38. Moving at the Speed of God – David Jackson
  39. Off The Wire – Matthew Wireman
  40. Pastor Steve Weaver’s Blog
  41. Rebuild Lakeshore – Don A. Elbourne Jr.
  42. Says Simpleton – Ched Spellman
  43. The Sunday School Revolutionary! – Darryl Wilson
  44. W. David Phillips – missional. theological. personal.
  45. We Are Texas Baptists
  46. who am i? – Barry Wallace
  47. Bryan Lilly


  1. says

    I like the idea, but don’t think anyone could read that many SBC blog posts without losing their salvation. (There I go being negative again!)

    Once we get to the Sweet 16 round I’ll offer some commentary on the contenders and will say something about their +/- posts about the SBC.

    If it’s any help, the negative bloggers didn’t make it far last year.

  2. says

    It is an honor to even be listed as a bubble team. In order to put myself in the big dance I will be doing the following things:

    1) Mention Mark Driscoll in every post (just to get traffic up)
    2) Go to the website of every other bubble team and stir up so much trouble that they have to turn off their comments
    3) Hire a better writer to run my blog
    4) Go to the annual convention and attempt to get recognized at a microphone. Regardless of the topic I will mention Calvinism, alcohol, theological triage, speaking in tongues, and accuse someone of being a Landmarkist all in a few sentences until I get escorted off my platform. As they are dragging me away I’ll shout out something about “stop tasing me” (this will hopefully get on youtube) and mention my blog.

    With these four things I am certain to get into the dance…although I’ll probably not do any of them. I’ll probably just try to be faithful to Jesus and proclaim him in such a way that He is the only boast of this generation.

    Mike Leakes last blog post..The Economic Crisis and Church

  3. says

    @ Mike:
    Great case, the selection committee was impressed!

    I’m on Twitter & Facebook as TonyKummer – but I’m not very into it.

  4. says

    Tony, I don’t think folks know how to influence the final selections and seeding. Exactly how does that work? Did Matt’s funny comment about what he would say at the convention in Louisville push him to the top of the list? (j/k) If that’s what it takes then I’ll write an entire post spotlighting how my 4-year-old granddaughter insisted I make alphabet soup and feed it to my three-legged dog so he would talk like “Martha”. (uh…ya gotta watch cartoons to understand that). selahV

    selahVs last blog post..BENEFICIAL BLOGGERS…who are they?

  5. says

    Well, if my say means anything at all here are my 4 number 1 picks:

    Kingdom People- Trevin Wax
    Internet Monk- Michael Spencer
    Denny Burk
    SBC Tomorrow- Peter Lumpkins

    Im not sure how they rate according to the numbers, but I certainly enjoy, am challenged, and learn from those 4 sites the most.

    Matt Svobodas last blog post..Looking Ahead to The Big 12 Tournament

  6. says

    I think I need to get to the Big Dance. I made the Sweet 16 last year and if not for a questionable last minute push in voting by Steve McCoy’s blog, I would have made it to the Final 4. Still questioning what happened there . . .

    This has been a good year for me, and I finished strong with my posts on the SBC and Communion last week. I even got 51 comments on one post and that never happens! I was also one of only 2-3 bloggers who live blogged the convention in Indianapolis (from watching it online) and that has to count for something. Or, maybe that shows that I had nothing to do at all that week.

    At any rate, I’m making a shameless plug. I feel so wrong.

    Alan Crosss last blog post..The Contents of My 5 Year Old’s Backpack

  7. says

    Self promotion is part of being a Southern Baptist – so it is an essential quality signal for all SBC blog evaluation.

    So many of the big names form last year have been falling from the blogsphere. I need to write a post about it. Your excellent writing on this blog has already earned you favored consideration.

    Thanks for the input. Peter had a good year in gaining attention. That’s really what blog influence means in a general sense.

  8. says


    Live strong. I am all for self promotion.

    For example:

    I think Evangelical Village should at least make the dance because we have only been around for 5 1/2 months and we have already made a ‘decent’ splash. More importantly I think we have been very successful at dialogue with other groups within Evangelicalism despite differing theological opinions.

    But, if EVillage doesnt make it I will understand because it is a relatively new blog still. We are about to write an extensive piece on what it means to be an Evangelical, which is bound to be controversial, and it will become our What We Believe section on the site. I think from that point on the site will start to gain more faithful readers.

    I could use some help though… Anyone want to explain to me how to set up the RSS feed so people can follow?

    Matt Svobodas last blog post..Looking Ahead to The Big 12 Tournament

  9. says

    Okay, then. I am feeling bolder. IF I make your tournament again this year, can I then get put into your “SBC Watchlist” feedreader? You know, the one that has the “most influential blogs” on top? That would be even better than making the tournament, actually. Admittedly, my ego has been a little shaken that I was not already in there. I keep telling myself that it is because I don’t write about SBC issues that often, but then again, iMonk doesn’t either. But, then again, I’m not iMonk. Oh well.

    Too much? I’m feeling bad again. It seems as though I can do the “Southern Baptist self-promotion thing,” but I just don’t feel good about it. I’m conflicted. What am I to do?

    Alan Crosss last blog post..45% of the World’s Wealth Has Disappeared in Less Than 18 Months

  10. says

    Matt — I’m so far out of the race it isn’t even funny, BUT I’ll take a whole milk latte with no extra flavor, no sugar, and no foam if you feel you just have to buy a coffee for someone :-)

    Sallies last blog post..Pelican Point

  11. says

    Hey! I made the bubble! That means I’m, at the very least, doing better than my stupid Maryland Terrapins–the men’s team that is!

    It’s an honor to be thought of as a bubble blog! After all, I don’t think I’ve every had anything I’ve done considered to be in the same category of Dr. York! Now we’re both on the bubble and that’s pretty good company for me!


    The Archangel

    The Archangels last blog post..Pro-Abortion: An Impossible Position