The Amazing Variety of the SBC

Last night David Platt brought a powerful, God-glorifying message calling us to worship and serve God. This AM we heard from Johnny Hunt, a message about our need to seek souls and reach the lost.  The guy following Johnny Hunt (Clayton King?) Is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and preaching powerfully. Eric Mason followed him with a distinct African-American style. Great message.

I sit here while we sing “How Great Thou Art” after we just sang some loud, driving, contemporary music.

Across the aisle from me is a man in a suit,  a traditional Baptist from the good old days. Behind him, a young man in shorts,  t-shirt,  hands lifted in the air to praise God.

We are young. Old. Middle-aged.

Today, I’ve seen Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and a lot of us white guys. Bless God the proportion is changing.

We are diverse. We have Calvinists, Traditionalists, other non-Calvinists.

This diversity leads to a lot of argument, misunderstanding,  and even schism. I hate that. It is unnecessary.

We can learn from David Platt to focus on the glory of God. We can learn from Johnny Hunt’s passion for souls. We can have traditional old fogeys,  casual,  bearded young whippersnappers, hipsters and hopelessly uncool like me.

We are a diverse group and I think it’s pretty cool. It causes us a lot of difficulty at times.  But I don’t want Johnny Hunt on the outside. I want a place for David Platt.  I want the traditionalists in their ties and coats and the hipsters in all their coolness.

If they proclaim the biblical gospel and hold to distinctive Baptist doctrine,  we are stronger together than splintered.


  1. Bennett Willis says

    I sit here while we sing “How Great Thou Art” after we just sang some loud, driving, contemporary music.

    What are you doing sitting?

  2. Bob Browning says

    A to the MEN! (sorry, my geeky engineering diversity coming out there!)

  3. says

    Amen! I am with you Brother Dave. Diversity while unified in preaching the gospel and fulfilling our Great Commission is where we have to be. Praise the Lord for the preachers in the pulpit and those in the audience. Revive us again!
    I listened to David Platt’s sermon at my kitchen table here in Walnut Creek, CA and I was filled with joy! We serve an AWESOME God, yes I shouted because it is fully appropriate.

    Platt spoke at SEBTS this Spring and I linked it on my blog, if you like to hear more about his trip to Nepal and how God is working in his heart. He is working on me too. Mold me Lord as you will.

      • says

        The Lord clearly wanted me to hear Alex Amaya’s sermon too. Both our almost 2-year old and our three-month old along with my wife napped at the same time freeing me to listen!

        • says

          Thanks Dave. It is 102 here in NorCal and I just find it difficult to listen to James MacDonald preach. I wonder if I am the only one but I am tuning out for the day.

  4. Chris Johnson says

    The shock becomes less of an issue for those longing for diversity, as long as the diversity brings you back to Christ. Humans are always diverse in reality.

    Sometimes no news is the best news out of the SBC. It appears most at the convention are having a profitable time.