2009 Blog Madness: What does it all mean?

When a ball game becomes a blowout in the first half, the conversation shifts to more punditry than play-by-play. So, I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned about SBC blogs from this contest.

What does blog madness tell us about SBC bloggers?

  1. We like books. Almost everyone played along for a mere $313 prize.
  2. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Most of the comments and stumping were good natured.
  3. We like competition and numbers. It’s not that others like statistics less, but we are the denomination of the ACP, CP splits and LifeWay research.
  4. We like cooperation. Maybe it was more about self interest, but it took cooperation for this contest to work.
  5. We are starting to understand social media. Twitter and Facebook sent many votes over to blog madness.
  6. We value both insiders and outsiders. The diversity among SBC bloggers reflects well on the true nature of the SBC. That reminds me of this great website called SBCvoices.
  7. The Establishment Gets It. I was surprised how well “insider” guys came out in the contest. Early adapters like Steve, Joe, and Michael still have some clout. But social media has become a tool for the insiders too.
  8. Flat World Influence Follows Talent + Hard Work. iMonk is no upstart, he’s earned his following over many years.

Don’t forget to follow the score and make endorsements from your blog.

What Do You Think?

Leave a comment below and tell me what it all means.


    • says

      While we’re throwing out copyrights. I want slap a big (c) on “Great Commission Comeback”

      All the talk about a Resurgence is not blue collar enough for me.