Two Key Men 2 of 2 Charlemagne As I mentioned in the previous post, the Middle Ages gave us some key figures in the History of Christianity. We may disagree with them on some levels, but we are indebted to their furtherance of Christianity. While we may not like to think about the direct link […]

Two Key Men


1 of 2 Gregory “The Great” The Middle Ages, or Medieval Christianity, gave rise to some significant men. A reader of Church History might find any number of individuals that suit their fancy. I have chosen to give two names that contributed to the rise of Christianity in unique ways. As I previously mentioned, the […]

Early Medieval Christianity

We have so much to learn! Once the Post-Nicene Church Father era ends with Augustine, we see an emergence of authority take place. What happened leading up to this point? Five Ecumenical councils took place, a claim to succession from Peter began , Christianity moved beyond the borders of the Empire, and in 476 the […]

Do you know these men??

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers As we recently viewed the first five ecumenical councils from a distance, I want to take a closer look at some influential men from that time. The men that lived during the time of the Council of Nicaea through the late 400’s are referred to as the Nicene and Post-Nicene Church […]

Five Councils that Shaped our Doctrine

The Five Influential Councils Say what you want about Constantine and the conversion of the Roman Empire to a form of Christianity, but one thing we should be grateful for is the May 20, 325 Council of Nicaea. This was the first of five Ecumenical councils that involved bishops from all over the Roman Empire. […]

What was it like back in the day?

Old School The modern Christian movement has enveloped itself in a battle over worship. Unfortunately, the primary issue is style, proving today’s impression of worship; starts and ends with “singing.” However, singing is not the end all of worship, but a single component. Our worship today often resembles a cultural shift based upon our demographic […]

The Early Apologists

Taitian, Irenaeus, Origen, and Tertullian As I mentioned in my previous post, early pagan philosophical critics sought to discredit and destroy the “new” Christian religion. However, their ill-fated attempts did not stand a chance against the providential hand of God. In His ordained plan, He placed certain men to write apologetic works refuting those pagan […]

God’s Hand in the Rise of Early Critics and Apologists

In the 1st century the newness of the Christian faith led to various attacks. Pagans, Jews, and the Romans all sought to destroy the “new” religion. They didn’t realize the faith was not new, just rounding in form. (The Christians saw their heritage lifted out of the OT Judaism in the person of Jesus Christ.) […]