Calvinists and The Gospel Project

I’ve been seeing a lot of criticism of Lifeway’s new curriculum, The Gospel Project, and it all revolves around Calvinism. Of course, I have yet to read a critical article from someone who actually claims to have read any of the materials that are posted online or cited them to prove their accusations. Many claims […]

Alcohol and IMB Workers

A consistent topic of discussion on blogs is the matter of alcohol use.  Abstentionists, abolitionists, moderationalists, and free-will imbibers abound.  It is safe to say that we lack a unified opinion on the matter.  The freedom of the believer, the autonomy of the local church, and the belief in the equal indwelling of the Holy Spirit […]

Get To’s and Got To’s

Me at Atlanta Motor Speedway, 2003

For twenty years I did computer support in corporate America.  I was privileged to work at some of the best companies in the world.  I was getting paid to do what I loved.  Not only that, I can think of dozens of opportunities I had to experience insanely fun things.  Early in my career I […]

It Ain’t About the Benjamins

The nation’s economy is in a crunch.  Unemployment rates are high, gas is high, utilities are high, the dollar is falling…translate this to church and the SBC: giving is down and the Cooperative Program is down.  Many churches are having to slash budgets (including mine—our budget year ends the last day of June and it […]

An Honor, a Privilege, an Enigma, and a Challenge

So the other day Pastor Dave here at SBCVoices emails me a username and password, and welcomes me as a Contributor to the site.  I am, of course, honored and find it a great privilege.  Yet there is something of an enigma to it all, like being given an honorary degree at a university I […]

Inform the People! An Open Letter to Baptist Press

Dear Baptist Press, I thank you for the good work you do.  I’m going to be critical of you here, and I know that is not pleasant.  I know what it is like to have your words, your ideas, your thoughts publicly derided.  It does not feel good.  I thank you good folks for what […]

Paige Patterson’s Decision to Speak Alongside Glenn Beck

There has been a large outcry at Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s decision to allow the controversial, Mormon Glenn Beck speak at Liberty University’s 2010 Commencement. What hasn’t gotten near as much publicity is the fact that Paige Patterson chose to speak on the same stage with Beck. I remember a major uproar over John Piper inviting […]

Will the Real SBC Majority Please Stand Up?

We are in Orlando determining the direction of the SBC for many years to come. We will elect a president who will guide us for the next couple of years. That may not be our most crucial decision, but it will reveal something about who we are. We will vote on several motions. I think […]