Paige Patterson’s Story Of The Conservative Resurgence

Dr. Paige Patterson’s small book on the Conservative Resurgence is now online at It is a free PDF download: Anatomy of a Reformation

Public images and portrayals notwithstanding, most conservatives do not enjoy controversy. Like everyone else, they wish to be loved and appreciated by everyone. But our understanding of the history of the impact of the uncritical use of critical methodologies upon the churches and their missions has led us to believe that faithfulness to Christ and to the revelation of God in Scripture is more important than human approval. Without belligerence and in painful awareness of our own inadequacies, we, nonetheless, plant our standard here.

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  1. says

    Just came across your post on Paige Patterson’s book, Anatomy of a Reformation. Thanks for giving it some publicity. I have the book and would recommend it to anyone who wants a better understanding of the Conservative Resurgence in the SBC. Written by one of the leaders, insiders, heroes of the Resurgence. I hope it will be read by many, either online or by ordering a copy from SWBTS. I think a print copy is $5 from the Office of Public Relations.
    David R. Brumbelow
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  2. Tom Parker says

    David R. Brumbelow:

    A better title for this book would be–The Anatomy of a Takeover.

    He is by no means a hero.

    30 years later and the victory laps continue by some.

  3. says

    Or Tom, another way to look at it, 30 years later and some moderates and liberals can still never pass up a chance to speak of their disdain for conservatives and their bitterness over the Conservative Resurgence.

    Without the Conservative Resurgence, where would the SBC be today? Just go look at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Alliance of Baptists.
    David R. Brumbelow
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  4. says

    I believe that Dr. Paige Patterson, Judge Paul Pressler, Adrian Rogers, Jimmy Draper, Jerry Vines, and others were leaders in the SBC Conservative Resurgence. The battle was mainly over the inerrancy of the Bible. Even the SBC Peace Committee acknowledged that biblical beliefs were the basis of the CR. The CR showed that the majority of Southern Baptists did not want their mission money going to those who may believe there are errors in the Bible.
    David R. Brumbelow
    .-= David R. Brumbelow´s last blog ..Pastors, Salaries, Parsonages =-.