Resolutions: Part 2

Where is.part 1? I tapped it out on my droid, and it disappeared.

More later, perhaps. This was the most drama this convention has seen.

Resolution 7 on the CP. Amended to include tithing.


  1. Louis says

    I left after the BSA resolution.

    Based on all that I saw, this was a great convention.

    During the resolutions discussion, the messengers were particularly astute and unified.

    Nothing is perfect. But the messengers avoided affirming Nouthetic Counseling and being ham handed on the BSA.

    I thought that Lumpkins’ amendment to the sexual abuse resolution was appropriate. I believe the messengers knew exactly what it referenced, but Lumpkins did not make it personal.

    I also thought Bob Cleveland had some good contributions.

  2. Louis says

    Well, now I am worried. A lot of people had to go home this afternoon. Our plane is packed.

    I hope there are plenty of astute people left in the convention and that the chair carefully watches the quorum requirement.

  3. James says

    Not to be picky. But the Amendment was to include sacrificial giving. Thanks for letting me be picky, haha.

  4. says

    Resolution 7 was not amended to include tithing.
    It was originally about tithing.
    The title: On Tithing, Stewardship, And The Cooperative Program
    David R. Brumbelow

    • Dave Miller says

      I was working with my phone and trying to listen at the same time. Thanks for clarifying.